Perri MacKenzie is an artist and writer who lives in Brussels, Belgium. Her
paintings explore the feelings of the human body through a materialistic lens.
Bold, immersive compositions are flattened by violent and dorky humour,
entangled with theatrical energy and essayistic struggle.

She writes non-fiction and auto-fiction

She co-curates the exhibition space Kantine, with Kevin Gallagher.

perrimackenzie [at] gmail [dot] com



November 2022
Try see, try say
with Shimon Kamada
Kunstplatform Wilford X
Wilfordkaai 10, 9140 Temse

curated by Yannicke and Wilfried Cooreman

October 2022

Review of Autofiction in Frieze:

"‘Autofiction’ Reveals the Incoherent Principles of Ownership", Jim Van Geel, Frieze.

Review of Autofiction in de Groene Amsterdammer

September 2022


Gina Fischli, Clémence Lollia Hilaire, Kinke Kooi, Perri MacKenzie, Win McCarthy, Phung-Tien Phan, Josiane M.H. Pozi, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Trevor Shimizu, Lily van der Stokker, Bruno Zhu

Curated by Melanie Bühler

Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam

2nd September - 8th October 2022

July 2022

published online by Kuba Paris

May 2022


Alice Creischer, Batsheva Ross, Benjamin Husson,
Chris Evans, Christiane Blattmann, Emily Pope, Frank Diersch, Isabella
Costabile, Jannis Marwitz, Jochen Lempert, Niklas Taleb, Perri MacKenzie

Curated by Christiane Blattmann and Jannis Marwitz.

Sundy, London

13th May - 25th June 2022

April 2022

Book Benefit Show
To support the purchase of books for Saint-Joris Primary School
WIELS Project Room
29-30 April 2022

October 2021

Solo exhibition:
Hot Author at Atelier Gordon / Evans
9th - 10th October

Hot Author' showcases a series of works with diverse painterly voices. The paintings examine embodiment and materiality through figurative forms such as plastic bottles of water and bronze fountains. Their inventive strategies (multi-canvas, collage) are mirrored by the playful, workmanlike surfaces of the space.

The artist published a text as a work in this exhibition, in the form of a numbered and signed edition on peach paper, distributed at the entrance to the show. It is also available online as a PDF.

July 2021

Podcast: WIELS - Regenerate: Conversation between Batsheva Ross & Perri MacKenzie

June 2021

Text: "Metal + Wind" in "Taming the Horror Vacui Issue 8: Air Aggregation" Published by Rib Rotterdam

April 2021

Podcast: Radio Level Five, In conversation with Perri MacKenzie and Emile Rubino

February 2021

"Ohm" group show at FORMER, Brussels. 18th - 25th February.

January 2021

Text written for 'Batsheva Ross - Fitness Studies' at Kantine, Brussels.

November 2020

*New Edition Available*

Ghost Print

Lino print on rice paper

Limited Varied Edition of 20 prints, numbered and signed in pencil

Year: 2020

Print size: 29.5 x 27.4cm

Paper size: 45 x 38 cm

Ghost Print is a variable edition of linocut prints with monotype elements. Each print has a unique gestural monotype.
To choose your unique print, contact the artist for a PDF of all prints.

80,00 € each

Available at Level Five Salon Sale

November 2020

Publication of "Polymorphic Light Eruption" catalogue essay for Helen Dowling, Museum of Contemporary Arts Bologna.

October 2020

"For Brussels City, is diversity more than a façade?"
Opinion piece published in De Wereld Morgen, 2 October 2020.
Published in The Bulletin, 3 October 2020.

The article investigates a banner hung on the exterior of the former Actiris building in Brussels. The banner (from Brussels City) proclaims "Embrace Diversity". It seems progressive, but obscures a more complicated story: of the bad practice of vacancy management, of government-sponsored gentrification, and of the City's misrepresentation and bypassing of minorities who are negatively impacted by their social policies. It tells a story about the privatisation of public space, the rainbow-washing of neoliberal initiative, and superficial façades masking government inaction.

October 2020

I have a work in the Serving Libary Collection, currently on view at 019 Ghent.

From Autumn 2020 onwards, The Serving Library will be indefinitely
installed at 019. The annex of 019 Gent is currently
accommodating The Serving Library’s
collection  of
objects, which serves as the backdrop for some seminar-based teaching
usually geared towards students of art, design, and writing.

October 2020

Publication of  The Serving Library 2020/2021 (Objects)
Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Vincenzo Latronico, David Reinfurt (editors)

Roma Publications 2020

October 2020

Publication of "The Stakes are a Thick Vision: Images of Women Gambling in Eliot and de La Tour", Le Chauffage Issue 01.

Reading at launch of Le Chauffage Issue 01, at Damien and the Love Guru.

July 2020

Publication of "Figuration" catalogue essay for Figuration, Kevin Gallagher, Alma Sarif.

April 2020

Perri and Kevin Go Large: Interviews with Lauren Gault, Monika Stricker, and Anna Zacharoff. Radio Show on Montez Press Radio NYC. April 2020


S E L E C T E D   T E X T S

Hot Author Publication for Hot Author, solo exhibition at Atelier Gordon / Evans, October 2021


"Fitness Studies" text written for Batsheva Ross, Fitness Studies, Kantine, January 2021



"Figuration" catalogue essay for "Figuration", Kevin Gallagher, Alma Sarif, July 2020


"Polymorphic Light Eruption" catalogue essay for Helen Dowling, Museum of Modern Art Bologna, November 2020